asakiyume (asakiyume) wrote,

I didn't realize cross-posting had failed

I have been happily assuming that my posts from Dreamwidth were crossposting here, but apparently in May they stopped. Maybe/probably this is something that I could fix with an application of effort, but I think I'm going to take it as a sign that I should simply stop the cross-posting.

I do still read here on very rare occasions, but not often enough to make me anything like a reliable friend and reader to my LJ-only friends. Some of you I see in other locations, but I know it's not like the interactions we had once upon a time here at LJ.

I'll probably be back here to post only to announce when Lagoonfire, a sequel to The Inconvenient God comes out, but time is long and life is surprising--we may well run into each other elsewhere.

Take care, and if you want to find me online, the best places to look are Dreamwidth ( and Twitter, where I'm @morinotsuma.
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