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It's quite a breathtaking thing when a friend likes your story so much she declares she'll do audio for it--and then assembles a team to do the sound engineering and proofing! But that's what CSE Cooney did for The Gown of Harmonies, and now it's live and available via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

We're in the final week of May--my hope is that this new format will get a new batch of people interested in the story and lead to some more purchases--> more money for the Food Bank of Western New England!

I know you all who read here already know about the story and have probably already purchased it if you're able (and if it's the sort of story you like), but if you know people who like audiobooks, if you can let them know, I'd be very grateful! And if you yourself like audiobooks, Claire is a *fabulous* reader. There's an audio sample at the various links.

Audiobook cover is ... same as ebook cover, but square

Audible link

Amazon audiobook link

Apple (iTunes) audiobook

Thank you, as always, for your time and attention! This entry was originally posted at Comments are welcome at either location.
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