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Ube coffee cake

Some days ago, [personal profile] rachelmanija posted about supporting small, family-owned businesses in the LA area. One was a Filipino café, and the description Rachel gave of the yummy ube coffee cake.... mmmm.

So I ordered some, and my box came today!

the box

Look at all the coffee cakes!!

Ninong's ube coffee cake, wrapped

Such a beautiful color! And the flavor is **delicious**. Wakanomori had made fresh coffee, so we actually ate our slices of coffee cake with coffee--as Stipulated By Law!

Ninong's ube coffee cake

All that would have been a wonderful, satisfying experience. But then there was this note, and I just fell apart.

thank you note

I want to save everybody, everything. Here is a link to Ninong's online shop.

(I'm aware that it's ironic that I'm supporting a café in LA when I'm on the other side of the country. But I'm supporting local businesses too, and the proceeds from The Gown of Harmonies is going to a local food bank. We're all one nation, all in this together, so I think it's all good.)

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