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My run today took me across an expanse of concrete beside the train tracks, I think a former staging area? There was a large Band-aid on it, as if over a wound, a wound in the concrete. I'm imagining the determined child who saw the concrete's boo-boo, went home, got the Band-aids out of the medicine cabinet, and came back and applied it. Or maybe the child was walking with an adult who happened to be carrying some emergency bandages, just in case.

So then I was wondering what caused the wound. It would have to be pretty small, in the scheme of things (the staging area is quite large), for one Band-aid to cover it. An adamantine-tipped arrow? But who shot it, and why? A single acid tear, from some sorrowful alien of the type that has acid body fluids?

It only makes sense if the staging area I ran over is some large creature, floating in the ground with just a flat flank exposed to the air. It can rise up from the earth like a muskrat or otter from the water. Someone with an arrow wanted to slay it, or its old friend the alien came to cry on its shoulder.

Something like that, and the child is its friend. The Band-aid has healing properties.

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