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claw game

I remember hearing a story somewhere, a while ago, about a lawsuit against those claw games where you operate a claw to pick up a toy. I know it was folk knowledge that those games were rigged, and sure enough, they were rigged--hence the lawsuit. The plaintiffs won, so the claw games were required to be winnable with a reasonable application of skill. (Here's a story I found when I searched on "claw game lawsuit" that describes it in more detail.)

I thought of this because today at the Blandford rest stop on I-90, I saw a little girl playing a claw game, and she won a little rubber ducky. Delighted she ran into the bathroom to show her mother and grandmother.

How mean-spirited to have ever had the game rigged! How much nicer to add to general world happiness by having a winnable game. You might not make as much money (though I wonder if having a better reputation might not encourage more people to play), but I doubt it's a business that's ever going to make you the next Jeff Bezos. If you create a winnable game, it's still easy enough to make **some** money, and you create a happy experience for people. Then you have a game where people feel pleased when they win--and they *can* win--and you still make some money--happiness all around.

Also at the rest stop was a raven, playing a claw game in the rubbish bin by the gasoline pumps. He took lots of tries but didn't succeed in pulling out anything he liked, so he flew off. Maybe he'll initiate a lawsuit...

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