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snow queen

Today was our blizzard, very nice and blizzardy. Outside the window at church, the snow was falling so thick and fast you could really see nothing but snow--it was just like at the very end of the Snow Queen, when Gerda has made it to the Snow Queen's realm.

It's soapflake snow, so light and fluffy that even a foot of it isn't hard to shovel. The older two and I cleared off the path across the common very quickly. It's wider, though, than you think it is when you walk on it.

I'll go back and check on it later, maybe clear it off one more time. The snow's mainly stopped now, though.

Thinking about the Snow Queen made me so nostalgic for a particular TV special of it I used to see when I was a kid--but they stopped showing it at some point. It was an animated special, but it started with Art Linkletter sitting down with a bunch of kids. He says something, then the story starts. I remember the animation very vividly--one scene when a snow storm is raging, and a mother bird is trying to protect her babies, then also the scene with Gerda and the robber girl, and I remember the reindeer.

I assumed that the animation was probably Japanese (it has that feel to it), and I assumed it was from the 1960s (I recall it as being very Tezuka-esque). But... when I did a search for it, I discovered that it was actually a *Russian* animation from *1957* (old, Sidney, old, old, old). When they showed it in America, they added the Art Linkletter part and must have dubbed it (because I remember Gerda had this very sad-sack, Japanese-anime-girl voice, very pathetic: "Kay... Kay..."). In Russian, it's called Snezhnaya Koroleva (which I suspect must just mean "Snow Queen," because there was a Russian version of the Snow Queen from 1966 called that, but acted instead of animated), and it was directed by Lev Atamanov. And we ordered it on ebay!! I hope it's all that I remember it being.

Here's a picture of the video box. I don't recall the snow queen herself, but I do recall the reindeer:

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