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What I learned, week 1

Posting today because I'll be out all day tomorrow.

Well! First, I learned that there's lots of different levels of things that count as learning. There's learning interesting facts--like, courtesy of frigg, that jackals can be found in Denmark. I did not know that and would never have guessed it.

Danish Jackal (source)

Then there's learning that's more like realization. Here's one of those, from this past week:

The tall one and I were talking about perceiving things truly--getting beyond illusion to see the man behind the curtain, or whatever. I was thinking about a line in Miyazawa Kenji's Ginga tetsudō no yoru, where the main character gets beyond "true reality" to "truly true reality." But talking with the tall one just then, it seemed to me that peeling off layers of illusion to get to what's truly true is like peeling layers of an onion--you're not really getting at anything more real.1

Why? Because (it seemed to me) you bump up against the limitations of your own flesh, your own circuitry and history and tendencies, and no meditation or prayer or mind-altering substance can get you away from what you inherently are. Depending on your religion or philosophical persuasion, there are different ways of acknowledging this and dealing with it. In the end, it seems to me that we need to just live, without too much concern about illusion or our own curbed vision. The world is open to us in its completeness, regardless of our limitations.

Ogres, on the other hand, can have layers

1 Since I'm incapable of saying anything without caveats, I have to add that obviously sometimes there are illusions or untruth that you *can* penetrate through, and you *can* suffer from misperceptions that it's good to clear up. What I'm saying is pointless is a sort of inward-focused continual search for a truer truth.
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