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swamp adventures

I had a great adventure in the swamp (or marsh or bog--not sure what the distinction is between those things [should check on that]) with the Healing Angel. It's good practice for him; he told me this is what he wants to do when he grows up--explore--but in bigger places.

The sun was shining, then going behind clouds, then shining--so pretty. We found a stream and followed it back to a spring where it was gushing out of the ground... in the woods behind our next-door neighbors... and also bubbling up out of the sand, so the sand was swirling and shifting in very mysterious and beautiful ways. We poured some of that water on us and threw it up in the air, and I wanted to drink some, but was too afraid of reality to do it, so I just put some on my lips (and some of it made its way in, probably, but I wish I had just *drunk* it. Maybe another time).

So after that, we set out into the swamp proper. Skunk cabbages are coming up everywhere--some mainly green with red speckles, some mainly red with green speckles, some entirely green and some entirely red. The bears better get down here and start feasting! There were some brilliant green moss covered fallen logs, looking like alligators, and tender bright green grass growing in the water, and other plants in the water, and there were these amazing hummocks, which were what we mainly balanced on to pick our way through the swamp. It was very full of water and very wet. In some places, if I stepped into the water, I sank in the mud nearly up to the top of my boot. Mainly I tried to avoid doing that, and the Healing Angel and I would jump from hummock to hummock or feel our way along a log (which usually broke under my weight, me being quite a bit heavier than an angel--and this would send him into peals of laughter; we both were laughing really--as we were when we lost our balance (fortunately regained it, but sometimes with one foot in the deeper mud-and-water) or grabbed a branch that broke off in our hands). We moved from island to island. The islands were higher bits of ground in the swamp--some of them would consist of a tree and its roots, others were hummocks, others were actual solid ground.

Eventually we made our way out of the swamp and into the woods, along a stone wall, then out, back down briefly through more of the swamp, and up onto the road where the supermarket sidewalk ends (on the other side is where the tires are breeding. Now there are six.)

I told the Healing Angel that no one in his class knows a swamp better than he does. (This will be true unless there are some serious fishermen's kids or hunters' kids in the class.)

Jumping from hummock to hummock, hearing the mud "kiss" at our boots as we pulled them out--it was so much, so much fun.

Some pictures. I think one of the plants that makes the hummocks might be this plant called tussock sedge (carex stricta). The picture is from a government website (http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/):

Possibly, though, some of them were bearded sedge (carex comosa). I would need someone to tell me; it's hard to tell looking at pictures on Google. The picture below is from http://courses.washington.edu/rarecare/InteractivePage.htm

They looked more like the first picture. They were bouncy. Some of them looked like submerged heads--that was a weird thought.



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