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maple tapping

Eating lunch and cleaning up, suddenly I became aware that they were talking about maple tapping on the radio. I've been wondering what to do about this freakish warm weather, but mainly I've been thinking I'll still wait til the end of February at the earliest. And here they were talking about just this issue. The woman in Vermont said they would wait, because if they start now, they might get a little, but then if there's a cold snap there will be nothing for weeks, and the holes you've drilled can close up. I haven't had that happen, I must say. But also, she said that the sap early in the season is less sweet, so it's more work to make the syrup. That decided me: I'll wait.

I meanwhile discovered some more jars of pickles that I had made (so I must grow cucumbers again this year--making pickles was fun), and I had them, and rice, and cheese, and AN EGG courtesy of Grayheyes's mom, with lunch.

The Angel of Healing and I went out to hang up more peanut-butter-and-sunflower-seed treats in the back garden, and I retrieved the remaining wooden spoon, picked clean. I had put the peanut butter on the handle part, not the bowl of the spoon, but the whole spoon was picked clean, looked completely un-peanutbuttery. Think of all those birds and squirrels that contributed to that cleaning job--all those bird beaks and squirrel lips. But now it's just an empty spoon. I wish I could summon them all, or images of them, at least (real them? images of them? can't decide). It would be fun to be in their midst for a minute.

Little Springtime, the Peaceful One, had to list things that happen with regularity in nature--just a few examples. She said, "I've already got things like 'Bears eat skunk cabbage in the spring...'--as if THAT'S the first regular seasonal thing you'd think of! I only just learned that about bears last week. It made me think, it would be fun to have a list of things that happen very regularly that people rarely think of (like the bears and skunk cabbages, frankly). On it could be "Witchhazel blooms (every December)" and "pinecones close up" (every rain--or maybe that doesn't count, because it's occasional, not regular and repeating).

The clouds didn't look so much like ocean this morning as plowed ground, something like this:

there are lots of amazing cloud photos if you do a Google image search on clouds.

Here's a nice one, by Brooks Martner of the NOAA Environmental Technology Lab:

And here's a powerful one (attribution right on the photo):


Feb. 2nd, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
I thought you might want to know how to do this:

I found it at Livejournal FAQ #75. I always forget the lj specific tags, but they are so much fun to use. In order to make the tag information show up I have replaced all of the normal tag enclosures with brackets, but to make them actually work you have to use the greater than and less than signs. Also the quotes areound exampleusername are required, so that to make it work with heyes, you must have "heyes" after the = symbol.

[lj user]

[lj user="exampleusername"]

Replace exampleusername with the username of any LiveJournal account. This is displayed as a bold link to the journal, such as [info]asakiyume Depending on the type of the account – user, community, news journal, or syndicated account – the icon that appears next to the journal name will change. The icon will link to the account's User Info page, while the journal name will link to its Recent Entries page.
Feb. 2nd, 2006 07:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks! This is handy. Now I can say, "one day all you gamers out there will be able to use the rules system developed by heyes, which are very comprehensive."

I should spend more time with the faq. I'm lazy, though, and kindly souls keep on showing me how to do things. Now I know where my progeny get it from (as if I didn't know this already...)



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