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Short entry no. 2

Here I am, in the quietest part of the night. I've just finished washing the dinner dishes (because I didn't wash them after dinner...), I've brewed myself a cup of tea, and I'm feeling indescribable. Then I reach into the back of the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of grape juice that my friend's husband made with their grapes.

I pour a glass. It's started to ferment! Just a little--just enough to have a tangy fizz, like fresh cider does if you leave it for a while. What a wonderful treat.


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Oct. 8th, 2006 12:21 am (UTC)
You know, this didn't show up on my friends page with your other short entry...isn't that odd? And the fact that you have no comments makes me wonder if any one else missed it to. Anyway, do you have a porch? Not a patio, but a porch. Sitting on a porch lateat night with tea or a glass of wine is one of life's little pleasures, pleasures that you have such a pleasant knack for pointing out.

Strange about it not showing on my friends list.
This isn't the first friends journal that didn't show up. Come to think of it the other persons was dated on the sixth too. Strange things are happening in Lj world.
Oct. 8th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)
That *is* strange. That happened once to one of my husband's entries--if I looked for it from my friends page, it never showed up, but when I looked on his page, there it was.

In this case, with my entry, I wonder if it's because I did it and the haiku entry so close together in time? I remember LJ not wanting to let me post because it said it would be backdating (or something)---and it looked to me as if the reason LJ thought that was because it had put an innaccurate date stamp on the earlier entry. In the end I gave up and said, okay, yeah, whatever, this entry will be backdated--but maybe that makes it not show up on the friends list.

But from what you say, it may be a problem with LJ... I know sometimes they don't send e-mails with people's comments. When I don't get any comments or responses to comments for a while, I sometimes go visit peoples' journals (or my own journal) just to see if things have changed there.

We don't have a porch or a patio, but we do have a "deck." It's a deck because it's on stilts, and it's on stilts because the house is built on a hill, with the land sloping away behind it. I love the idea of sitting on the porch of a country house, watching life go by. As for our deck, we don't do that much, but I'll often take my lunch out onto it and sit there, listening to the insects.
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