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The fair, the fair!

Yesterday it rained buckets, but by the time school was out, it was sunny (and cold). All the teenagers in town walked up to the carnival part of the fair to buy the wristbands that, on that night, let them ride a limitless number of rides. (The catch: the place is jam-packed, so mainly what they do is wait in line. They don't seem to mind, though; they hang out with their friends.)

You have to pity the tall one, though. His new job at the supermarket kept him working until 8--so by the time he got to the fair, he only managed one ride before the midway closed. But he said he still had fun.

This morning, the tall one and the ninja girl had to meet up with the rest of the high school band by 8 am. Little Springtime didn't have to meet up with the middle school band until 9:30. Meanwhile, I took the healing angel, his best buddy, and the buddy's little brother for the band's show at the library and the parade. The library show was great, as always. This year they played an arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody, then something I didn't recognize, then Call Me Al, then (my favorite) Wayward Son. Oh, and between Call Me All and Wayward Son they played Hey Baby, and the mascot danced with people.

So after that finished, we raced to find a good place to watch the parade. We thought we had picked a fine spot--until, partway through the parade, the people in the tent whose back end we were in front of decided to get the water that had pooled on the roof of the tent off it (you do this by poking a pole up at the roof of the tent from inside--I remember doing this one year for the band tent)--and it came down on top of the healing angel and his pal. So, we crossed to the other side of the street, where it was sunny and they could dry off. They both recovered their good spirits collecting the candy that the marchers in the parade throw out to the spectators. They gave me some, too!

When the parade finished, the midway opened again, and the exhibit hall opened, and everyone thronged into the common and started getting things to eat, riding the rides, and socializing. I went around and took some pictures. A small sampling are underneath the cut.

The high school band files onto the lawn in front of the library

Crowds line the street, waiting for the parade

High school band marches past

The middle school band approaches--the angle is different now because we crossed the street, after our soaking. Little Springtime is on the far left, in the black outfit and the striped stockings, holding a trombone. In this pic, she's kind of hard to see.

The fairgrounds, after the parade, under a blue autumn sky

If you get lost, there are signposts

The entries for the giant pumpkin contest--winner is the heaviest

Inside the exhibit hall--I got to judge the fruits and veggies! That blue ribbon on the bosc pears is there because I chose them! (... some categories had only one entrant, so they automatically got a blue ribbon...)

Jams, jellies, and other preserves and things in jars

Cute display by a nice seventh-grade girl I met, on how to make sweaters for chickens!

Sheep in the 4-H tent

The Pharaoh's Fury in action--you can see it in its disassembled state here

I'm going to be working in the band tent tonight, so I'll try taking some night shots. And it's on tomorrow, too!



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Sep. 30th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much sharing all of this!

I love especially the JAM picture and teh SWEATERS FOR CHICKENS!

I love that you love this and you enjoy it!!

Love love love

Oct. 1st, 2006 07:44 pm (UTC)

yes, it's the best! and the chicken sweaters won an award, yay!

for a teenager's-eye view of the fair, check here
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