asakiyume (asakiyume) wrote,

canada lilies

The canada lilies are blooming! I will go back with a camera and try to get a better picture than the teeny one that is this userpic.

Walking that woods way, I also got to pass through the fragrance of the chestnut flowers, still present. It seems to rise; I never catch it driving by below the chestnuts, but always when I'm walking the woods path above them. The railroad bed is like a cup full of that fragrance.

It will probably rain today. I thought I could see mist in the air--maybe it won't even rain, but water will materialize around us. Maybe we're underwater now and don't even know it. That's what it's like. I feel like I'm in an underwater land--but not sticky and hot: cool, very cool, and restful. Everything is blue-hued today (well... as of 7:30 am).
Tags: atmosphere and sky, flowers
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