August 2nd, 2019


notes from a land of delight

I pass this veggie stand on the way to work every day, and I always contemplate stopping, but until last Tuesday, I never did.

veggie stand

A big old tree provides shade, and two elderly white guys sit in outdoor chairs by it, every day. Tuesday was a steamy hot day. I bought some green beans--"first of the season," one of the old guys told me--and a beautiful eggplant. I was able to see their rambling garden back behind the stand. Wonderful.

As a goodbye remark, I told them to stay cool. "I love the heat!" the other guy proclaimed. "I changed my shirt once already today! Love it! Love being out in the garden!"

I love the heat too, but it's rare to find others who do. I left charmed and delighted. I'm going to buy more eggplant there.

(There's a more sturdy farmstand right near my house; I go there too. What a blessing.)

This cabbage white butterfly looks like the protagonist of a fairy tale. Her beauty is matched by her fearlessness and her creative thinking.

small friend

This is a public planter. I like it! I particularly like the yellow vine flowers, which I discovered are Thunbergia alata, "black-eyed susan vine." I saw them first--or, well, noticed them first--in Colombia, cascading down walls. They're apparently native to East Africa, but naturalized in places like Brazil and Puerto Rico (and maybe Colombia?) I want to grow some, so I ordered a packet of seeds. It'll be late by the time they get here, but maybe if the plants once start, I can have them indoors. We'll see.


And here is some sidewalk art from Amherst, MA:

sidewalk art, Amherst MA

The third season of She-ra is out! So we can watch that now. Meanwhile, we've been watching Evangelion (I've seen it once before, but long ago), which means having the theme song ALWAYS IN MY HEAD.

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