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May 12th, 2019

out of the box

On a drizzly Sunday, Wakanomori and I went to the Eric Carle Museum to see "Out of the Box," a truly excellent exhibit on the contemporary graphic novel... or I should say, the contemporary US graphic novel for young people. (The topic is big, and the exhibit can be forgiven for not tackling graphic novels the world over, but I always wish that limitations were acknowledged a bit more directly up front--but I apologize for beginning with a grumble, because I really did enjoy it.)

The Museum: Rainy Day with Apple Blossoms
May 12, 2019 at Eric Carle Museum

Out of the Box--Graphic Novel exhibit at Eric Carle Museum

They had several featured artists, all of whom had write-ups like this, and many of whose works, including this guy's, are on my to-read list:

writeup on Jarrett J. Krosoczka

This set of three photos shows the progression from rough mockup to final art for a page from Hope Larson's graphic novelization of Madeleine L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time

sketch for a page in graphic novel version of Madeleine L'Englie's Wrinkle in Time

further development of the page from graphic novelization of A Wrinkle in Time

Final page, ready for reproduction

Catia Chien's experience with self publishing will be very familiar for many aspiring artists and writers. Her collaboration with her husband is beautiful.

write up on Catia Chien

page from Catia Chien's WIP (text by husband Michael Belcher)

Her husband's words there... When something in the stillness / took on a movement other than the wind ...

100 percent tangentially, I really loved Sara Varon's personal photo album of time spent in Guyana, which she used as references for her graphic novel New Shoes

fruit-laden boat
Sara Varon personal photo on display

(It was fun to see images from the photos appear in the art)

Wakanomori and I didn't contribute, but there was a place where exhibition viewers could contribute to an ongoing storyboard, and pages were on display:

created by visitors to the "Out of the Box" exhibit on Graphic Novels at Eric Carle Museum

I did get Waka to snap a picture of me in the "boom" panel, though:


I have other photos from the exhibit here. For those who can make it out to the Eric Carle Museum, the exhibit runs through May 26, and I highly recommend it.

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extras from the Eric Carle Museum

In the room next to the Out of the Box exhibit was an exhibit on the golden anniversary of William Steig's picturebook Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, which really does have lovely illustrations. One thing that caught my eye, though, was in the middle of the room, a sort of random plot generator you could play with:

Write what it is like to live with ... a backpack ... that is very lonely
flip each section for a diff. story prompt

Write what it is like to live with ... a mall ... that is very lonely
flip each section for a diff. story prompt

Write what it is like to live with ... a mall ... that can fly
flip each section for a diff. story prompt

Create a postcard written by ... a mall ... that can fly

flip each section for a diff. story prompt

Go on then! I challenge you to try one!

Meanwhile, hugs all round, courtesy of William Steig and Sylvester:

original art from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

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