April 7th, 2019

turnip lantern


This helium balloon came into our life on March 10. It hung around, puffed out and full of helium, in the living room, its head brushing the ceiling, for a long time. If you pulled on the string, it would come down and then bounce back up.

We could tie things to the end of the string and entertain the cat by bouncing the balloon down and up--the balloon positively swooped and danced. And the balloon watched attentively from the corner while the TV was on.

As it began to deflate, it began to wander. One evening I went upstairs to ask the healing angel something; when I left her room, the balloon was lingering on the staircase. Its head no longer bumped up against the ceiling.

Later I found it in my bedroom. Nonplussed, I led it back to the living room.

The last few days, it's been hanging out with the loquats. For a while it was up by the shock of leaves at the top of this particular loquat; now it's down at root level, but that means it can also get the warmth of the southern sun in the window. It seems to be a good place to spend your final days.

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