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There's a big rock that I've been meaning to get to, but it's off my beaten path. But today, the sun was shining just so on the oak leaves, and there were one, two, three, four flat, moss covered stepping stones leading to it--how could I not have seen this before? So I went there, tied Molly up, and climbed up it. It's pretty high, and there's one portion that's even higher, so I climbed up on *that*--and got dizzy. I carefully stepped back down to the main rock.

That rock is definitely a candidate for a transformed creature.

I had a journey far out of my woods and wilderness to another world yesterday, a world I hope I can forever avoid inhabiting. The trip left me pretty disoriented and stressed, but I'm recovering now. Sometimes it's just hard to know... stuff. (Ha ha ha. I'm not being very clear, am I!)

grayhayes, I have a project for you and me one day (but probably not before your spring break is over...) I saw a book with projects you can make from polymer clay, like fimo or sculpey. So, one was to make fancy handles for spoons. I know Little Springtime made covers for pens this way. You swirl the sculpey and make all sorts of designs. It looks cool. (I'll buy the sculpey!)

Here's a picture of the sort of thing I mean:

Today we got five gallons of sap! Hurray!


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Mar. 22nd, 2006 07:44 pm (UTC)
Julie and i just made some sculpey beads.
They were pretty huge but I think come x-mas time we'll
make some more stuff with sculpey to give as gifts.
They were cool and swirly.-the beads.
I also want to do some tie dying with you and maybe some paper making.
if only we had the time.... maybe this summer??
Mar. 23rd, 2006 07:42 am (UTC)
Pretty spoons! Pretty, pretty! I might even try some myself. Sculpey and Fimo are FUN. Just don't work Sculpey too much - the colours bleed into each other too much if you do.
Mar. 24th, 2006 09:27 am (UTC)
Post pictures if you make them! We will, too. (You might get to it before we do, but who knows...)

I know what you mean about Sculpey--when you want to mix two colors, use Sculpey (e.g., to lighten a shade or something by adding white), but if you want to have the swirls stay distinct, use Fimo. Too bad they don't bake at quite the same temps.
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