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There were sandbars and whitecaps in the sky ocean this morning. As I write, though, the sky has gone to pure blue.

I'm glad that there are things that like to live at near-boiling temperature, and little bacteria and such that can colonize the sterilization chambers where they try to get space probes ready for journeys to Mars. And things that are happy at bottom-of-the-ocean pressures.

As a wanderer, of course I don't stay anywhere permanently, and right now I'm in a rustic hut with a long plank table and benches... but let's imagine I'm living in a house with a computer and propane heat and an electric stove. Well, in such a case, I might eventually have to clean my bathtub. I would clean that bathtub with baking soda, having discovered that it works as well as anything else, and because I know things about baking soda that I don't know about other cleaners. For instance, I know that baking soda and vinegar make room-temperature lava, if you want an instant volcano. So, you can imagine that I'm cleaning off all kinds of stuff with the baking soda, including some kinds of living creatures like mildews and molds.

(Don't be horrified: If a wanderer lived in a proper 21st-century house, she still would probably not be the most cleaning-oriented of people, and things would probably get to quite a state before she cleaned them)

So it occurs to me--what if one of them really loves baking soda? It would be thinking (if we personify it a little, since it wouldn't exactly be *thinking*, I guess), "OH MY GOD! This is my lucky day!!!" As if an assassin were after you, and said to you, leering, "Now you're finished! I'm going to put you in a summer cottage with fresh bread and lots of friends! Bwah hah hah hah hah!"

If it were *really clever*, in a way not typical of most slime molds and mildews, maybe it would arrange itself in some amazing pattern as a sign of gratitude.

In unrelated news, last night we looked at Rivers and Tides, but I was unsettled then, too, and sleepy, so I kept on slipping in and out of consciousness--but what I saw was very beautiful, and I want to look again today. It's a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy. He makes some amazing natural sculptures, including these egg-shaped structures that reminded us of the moss-covered statues at the beginning of the magical part of Spirited Away. Also, he did some installations in Nova Scotia, home of my livejournal friend whiskeredsadie and her friends. He was on the beach there. He made something with icicles that shone in the sun, and he was working on something with stones. (I missed some of that though.)


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Mar. 4th, 2006 12:04 pm (UTC)
Andy Goldsworthy, huh? I will go google him and look at his work. I love lj, you learn something new everyday.
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