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I dreamed I was struck by lightning, just on my feet. In my dream, the reason was because I was wearing wet wool socks. These both attracted the lightning and somehow kept me from further damage. On my feet were twisted red lines--that was where the lightning hit. My feet were tingling.

On my walk this morning, I noticed the footprints of someone who had walked there yesterday. I could tell it must have been yesterday before because his footprints were "stale"--the snow at the edge of the imprint was frozen--not like mine in the morning, where you could see each bit of snow disturbed. It takes some time for the print to get stale and needs some sun, so he couldn't have been walking in the evening or earlier in the morning (no sun...), and it couldn't have been much longer than a day ago, because fresh snow fell the night before last. (I was really pleased with my deductions. What an excellent tracker I am, I thought to myself. I am a regular female Strider or Gwydion. Never mind that I don't know if my conclusions are correct. Never mind that a real tracker would just laugh at me, probably!) Anyway, the soles of his boots had an interesting, swirling design to them, and that got me thinking about the possibility of art on boot soles.

And then I thought I remembered that I had read somewhere that the Buddha's footprints were said to have a special design to them, but when I read about it just now online, it seems that that's probably just an iconic representation, not what people believed was really true. Still, he's said to have left his footprints in solid rock as he walked. One place that's supposed to have his footprints is Sri Pada in Sri Lanka--but of course the footprint is also supposed to belong to lots of other important religious figures from other religions.

I like this Buddha footprint, from Gandhara:

I like it because it looks like a real foot. Some of the others are much more stylized.

Then I remembered Good King Wenceslas, whose footprints melted the snow, so his page could follow after him while he brought food to the poor man who lived "right against the forest fence, by St. Agnes fountain."

That picture looks like it's by someone named Mary Fedden Ra, and it seems that it's available as a card from Canns Down Press in the UK (www.cannsdownpress.co.uk) Hey, they're in Devon, next county over from Dorset, where I lived for a while.

And I remembered that in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Aslan's footprint turned into a spring and then into a stream, that rejuvenated King Caspian.

This is what I'm remembering instead of doing my marketing editing. It's all right: I worked all weekend. But I better get back to it now.


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Feb. 27th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
I love intresting dreams. The last one I had was that I was biking home from a camp in Canada on a bike with busted brakes! It was scary...

The king Wenceslas... The art reminds me of something, but I'm not all together sure of what. I like it though!

As for your footprint deductions... I shall proclaim they are true!!(Who am I to do that?) One time I left footprints, and they were stale the next day!

I wonder if the Budda's footprints get stale...?
Mar. 4th, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
from Caroline
I really like how you put these feet together.
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