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The problem with writing when I'm feeling morose is I forget to mention bunches of good things.

For instance: responses to my request to use bird photos for my nature booklet. I sent out about 14 e-mails to people whose images I want to use, and have already gotten about 4 back, and they've been so friendly and so positive and encouraging. One from a couple in Kentucky, with a great website for kids, one from a photographer in Arizona, one from a fish and wildlife department in I-forget-where, and one from a woman whose blog (not a livejournal blog) I found a photo at--directing me to the photographer.

Also: Three cheers for Little Springtime. She baked us a pound cake, with a genuine pound of butter.

And something new: today in my morning wanderings, I found two large sticks, tied together with red yarn so as to make a cross-shape, and then with yarn connecting the four tips, to make a kite-shape. On the longer stick was written words that included "heal," "gun," "sword" (spelled "sward") and something else--maybe "strike". Nearby was a single, thinner stick with orange yarn wrapped around the center. Very mysterious. Looks as if someone was having an interesting adventure in the woods.

And finally: It was windy this morning, and some of the trees were creaking very musically and alarmingly. They sounded like stringed instruments tuning up.

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