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maple tapping

In the wind and bitter cold on Sunday, Wakanomori and I went out and put our taps in the maple trees by the train track. It was absolutely not the sort of weather in which the sap flows, but if we didn't do it then, we would have had to wait a whole week before we got a chance again, and it seems that the temps will be in the upper 30s during the days this week. So--that's why we did it today. But when it's cold like this, you don't get any reassuring flow of sap to let you know you've got a good spot. Well, time will tell. If, when the weather gets warm, it seems they're in bad spots, we can try new ones. Or so I tell myself. Actually, I'm unsettled about doing it when the sap isn't flowing, but it seemed better than waiting.

While we were there, some people went by, walking on the train tracks. They had a gorgeous dog with them--he bounded over to us as light on his feet as a deer. Later, when we had finished putting in the taps, the Amtrak went by, and yes, I did wave.

I still haven't ordered seeds, and I still haven't dyed the pants of that outfit I'm dyeing for the band auction. So... maybe I'll do those things next weekend, or in the edges of time during the week. Now to bed.

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