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various and sundry

This morning a squirrel was peeking in at the door. Coincidentally, on my morning walk, I saw a black squirrel--they're not so common, so at first I thought I was seeing some other creature.

Last night I watched the Snow Queen DVD. It was all in Russian, no English subtitles, no English dubbing. It was very *clear* Russian--I could hear and understand the five or so words I know in Russian: hello, thank you, yes, no, goodbye! (and in a little short that was also on the DVD I caught "comrade"). I've never really heard Russian spoken--and the intonations of the characters in this reminded me of the intonations of Italian--not what I was expecting, but quite nice.

Memories came flooding back, and I could remember snatches of the English dialogue as I watched, so I could sometimes narrate to Wakanomori what the characters were saying--like when Kay goes off with his sled to follow the big boys, and Gerda comes running after, wanting to join in. I remembered that he said, "You'll just fall off and cry." And then he wings the sled around so that she does fall off and cry, and says, "See?" and she says, sniffing, "I'm not crying."

And later, at the palace of the princess, where she thinks the princess's boyfriend might be Kay, she's sneaking in with the two crows, and I remembered, as I watched, her being scared of the suit of armor, and the crow laughing and tapping it with his beak and saying, "See, it's hollow!" and she's reassured and taps on it too and says, "Hollow." And then she taps on a real guard's breastplate and says, "I know, it's just hollow," and the crow says, "No, no, that one's got someone inside."

And I remember the robber girl being moved by her story and cutting her free, and cutting free the reindeer and saying, "Scram--beat it, get out of here before I change my mind." And then she cuts the ropes of the doves she's got, and breaks the cage of the rabbits and cuts free the fox and tells them all to get lost, and then she starts to cry, and they come creeping back, and the fox sniffs her hand--as I watched it, I could remember seeing it when I was little.

I didn't remember how cool the Lapp woman (no longer PC term, now it's Sami) and the Finn woman looked--they looked really neat, in costume and all (though the Finn woman's costume looked sort of more Tartar or Mongolian or Siberian (in this case, Khanty) to me).

The animation was very fluid and gentle, and the effects when frost formed was very cool. It was every bit as good as I remembered--more so, even--seeing it now, I'm not surprised it has lingered in my mind all these years.

Then this evening we all watched Whale Rider, which none of us had seen. It was great--I had been afraid it would be too painful, seeing her trying to win over her grandfather and him being so anti-girl, but it wasn't--it wasn't over the top, the way it probably would have been if it was a Hollywood movie. When she rides out on the whale and in doing so saves the other whales, at the possible cost of her own life, it reminded me so much of Nausicaa with the Ohms. The ending was great, everyone in the boat, and her with her grandfather, doing the chant. It was fun to hear the New Zealand accents, too.

After dinner I planted out the rest of the Kazakh appleseeds. GMAL 4032.o got all energetic, and 23 of the seeds germinated. GMAL 3629.l was definitely the laggard in my bunch of seeds. Even by today, only 3 had truly put out a rootlet, though a few more looked on the verge. I planted 6 of it but won't wait for any more. Meanwhile, GMAL 4309.f has 4 shoots above the soil and more on the way, and GMAL 4051.u has 2 breaking the soil.

Whoops, now it's tomorrow. And, I'm sleepy. I'm falling asleep. Tonight I'll pitch my tent on a bluff and drift off listening to the wind in the stars.


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Feb. 19th, 2006 10:23 am (UTC)
Glad to hear of your "rootlets".
I bet that the slow ones will stop being
wallflowers and catch on when spring comes.
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